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How to order


how to order: よくある質問


1. サイズをお選びください

      5号 S  15cmタルト型  ¥4,000~ / 15cmケーキ型  ¥4,500~  (4-6人用)

      6号 M 18cmタルト型   ¥5,000~ / 18cmケーキ型  ¥5,500~  (6-8人用)


2. フィリング

  ローカシューナッツクリーム または ローチョコレートクリーム

3. デコレーション





Please select the size of your cake in the online shop, then choose the options.

1. Choose your size
    size5 S  15cm tart ¥4,000~ / 15cm cake ¥4,500~ 

    size6 M 18cm tart ¥5,000~ / 18cm cake ¥5,500~

2. Filling

    Raw cashew nuts cream or Raw chocolate cream

※If you need decoration with cashew cream on top of the cake, we will ask for an extra price.  Because ingredients will be needed more than normal size cake. Thank you for your understanding. 


Choose your size Topping: We usually use seasonal fresh fruits, so it will change depending on the season. If you have any request or any allergies, please let us know in advance.



We are delivered by frozen delivery to all over Japan. Or you can pick your cake up around Yomitan Okinawa.  Products are usually shipped about one week after we receive your order. Please keep it in the freezer and eat it within 1 month. 

Delivery fee

沖縄県内  ¥1,000     
県外 一律 ¥1,500 

北海道 ¥1,800 すべてクール宅急便(冷凍)にてお届けしています。

To Okinawa ¥1,000  

Outside Okinawa ¥1,500 

​Hokkaido ¥1,800






You can pay with a
・Credit / David Card
・Bank transfer
at the online shop.

Place your order


Please order from OnlineShop after entering the required information.

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